Willow Kayne

Willow Kayne has thrown her hat in the ring as one of the UK’s most vivid, genre-blurring pop provocateurs. A keen visual artist with influences as far-reaching as fashion design giant Nigo and production mastermind Pharrell, Willow pools together the most lucid touchpoints of all her inspirations to build a sound as diverse as her creative palette.

Willow can trace this eclecticism directly back to her childhood, being raised by a hip-hop and house-obsessed father and a mother who produced videos for the likes of Erasure and the Prodigy. James Brown, Nas and MF DOOM were all significant early influences, and soon she was making her own musical discoveries, falling hard for artists as diverse as Tyler, The Creator, the Sex Pistols, Gorillaz and Portishead.

With no real indication of where she’ll go next, one thing is for sure; in Willow’s hands, the future of pop will be anything but boring…