Somethin’ Else

Somethin’ Else is Britain’s leading independent audio producer, which has a global content partnership with Sony Music Entertainment to expand their development of podcast shows across multiple genres. 

Somethin’ Else has produced content across audio, TV and social media for the past 25 years and their work has seen them win numerous awards including eight BAFTAs.

The Founder and CEO of Somethin’ Else is Jez Nelson.

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David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

David Tennant gets talking with the biggest names in entertainment.

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How Did We Get Here?

Claudia Winkleman and Professor Tanya Byron discuss family issues.

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Power: The Maxwells

The incredible true story of a media mogul whose legacy is still felt today.

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The Bugle Presents… The Last Post

Daily satirical news, from the team behind The Bugle.

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The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq

David Dimbleby tells the story of how and why we went to war in Iraq.

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The Immaculate Deception

Dr Karbaat helped women conceive. But there was a catch…

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