Leonard Cohen announces new album, ‘You Want It Darker’

Leonard Cohen has announced an album of haunting new songs entitled ‘You Want It Darker’.

The legendary singer-songwriter’s 14th studio album, ‘You Want It Darker’ will be released this autumn and was produced by his son, Adam Cohen.

The tracklisting has been revealed as follows:

1. ‘You Want It Darker’
2. ‘Treaty’
3. ‘On the Level’
4. ‘Leaving the Table’
5. ‘If I Didn’t Have Your Love’
6. ‘Traveling Light’
7. ‘Seemed the Better Way’
8. ‘Steer Your Way’
9. String Reprise/’Treaty’  

Uncompromising and urgent, ‘You Want It Darker’ is the latest chapter in Leonard’s significant contribution to contemporary music and thought.