Ellie Vilkelyte
Analytics Intern

What were you doing before you joined Sony Music?

I was working on a personal musical project, releasing a lockdown EP, and completing a creative entrepreneurship course. Also playing loads of video games.

Where did your passion for music begin? Tell us what your first CD was, first gig you went to etc.

I heard Green Day’s American Idiot for the first time when I was 11 years old and it blew my mind at the time. That was the first record I bought for myself as well. The first gig I went to was Linkin Park and they didn’t let me into the venue alone because I was too young, so I had to bring my mum, which is pretty funny in retrospect.

What’s been the most exciting day at work so far?

My very first day at Sony Music. For the realisation that I’d actually made it and was going to be working in music, alongside some of the most creative and impressive people in the industry.

Also it was great to have a Q&A with Jason Iley and get to ask him a question.

What’s your favourite project you’ve been a part of so far? What part did you play?

It’s a project which is confidential, but the part I played was in gathering the data, presenting it, and having a prolonged discussion and debate with the team about it, which is always really interesting.

What would you say is the most valuable bit of experience you’ve gained so far?

I think the most valuable experience I’ve gotten so far is getting to interact with and meet people from so many departments, from marketing to digital strategy, to finance, etc. It puts the way the industry works into perspective. Also, hearing how excited and passionate everyone is about their different roles is incredibly fun.

Tell us a random fact about you?

I know every single word to the musical Hamilton by heart.

Any music suggestions you like recently?

Lil Nas X because he has been BRINGING the aesthetic that I’m here for. Also Tyler, The Creator‘s new album is somehow equally emotionally OOF and funny and I’m not sure how he does that.