About Sony Music UK

Sony Music's Global Social Justice Fund

The Global Social Justice Fund operates across different territories and divisions of Sony, with a common goal to address injustice and racism, coupled with an understanding that we should be responsive to local challenges. Since the fund was created in June 2020, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the SJF team at Sony Music UK have focused on how to support anti-racist initiatives in Britain, addressing structural inequality for lasting change. 

In line with the Global Social Justice Fund’s goals, in the UK we have concentrated on three core pillars: education and skills, criminal justice and rehabilitation, and civic and community engagement. In the UK, so far*, we have: spent nearly £2.2 million on 22 different organisations, funded over 10,000 hours of training and development sessions, and helped improve the lives of around 1,600 young people. 

We typically invite partners to apply to us for project-based grants that fit within our strategic pillars, and which may be one-off or multi-year amounts. The UK beneficiaries are chosen by a diverse advisory board representing labels and divisions across Sony Music UK, from label presidents to members of Sony Music’s Race and Ethnicity committee, HUE (Helping Unite Everyone). Unsolicited approaches are not currently accepted.  

Please see below for our UK beneficiaries. You can filter to see our completed projects and read our impact report for more information. 

*Information correct spring 2024.