Social Justice Fund

Small Green Shoots

Small Green Shoots is a youth-led organisation that provides access to opportunities in music and the music industry for young people from diverse and low-income backgrounds. They provide artistic development support and resources, such as fundraising consultancy and industry connections, to aspiring artists from a range of regions including London. 

Through paid classroom learning, vocational training, internships and access to creative grants, their aim is to allow young people (the ‘shoots’) to not just get a job, but to build a career and by doing so improve diversity and representation within creative industries. 

Impact at a glance

The Social Justice Fund supports apprenticeships for young people not in education or work to access training and career development in the music industry, in partnership with Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative division, to increase diversity in creative and digital roles. 

This includes pre-programme training and personal development sessions as well as mentoring support from Sony Music. To date, the Social Justice Fund has committed to funding three cohorts of the programme, directly impacting 15 young people. 

Find out more about Small Green Shoots here.