Social Justice Fund

Runnymede Trust Sony Music Social Justice Fund

The Runnymede Trust is the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank, which has contributed to some of the most important developments in race relations and the tackling of racism in the UK since it was founded in 1968. Runnymede has a track record of producing impactful quantitative and qualitative research on various aspects of race issues. 

Impact at a glance

Sony Music UK’s Social Justice Fund has partnered with Runnymede to deliver ground-breaking research exploring structural barriers that may prevent Black, brown and ethnically diverse artists from starting or succeeding within genres where such artists are less represented – and examines the phenomena of ‘mis-genreing’, where artists might be mis-classified by social identifiers. 

The findings will inform efforts to dismantle barriers and drive understanding within the music industry to enact long-term change for future artists and their listeners.

Find out more about Runnymede Trust here.