Social Justice Fund

Alexis Ffrench

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the world’s leading conservatoires and a member institution of the University of London. The Academy is the meeting point between the traditions of the past and the talent of the future, seeking out and supporting the musicians today whose music will move the world tomorrow.

Impact at a glance

The Academy recognises and aims to address the significant resources required throughout the lifetime of classical musical training which, particularly in the challenging landscape of state support for cultural subjects, is unfortunately widening the gap between students who are well-resourced and those who do not have the funds to access quality musical education. 

Sony Music UK’s Social Justice Fund has enabled the launch of two new, four-year scholarships for students starting in September 2022, alongside mentorship on the programme – and for applicants – from alumnus and Sony Music artist, Alexis Ffrench.

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