Social Justice Fund

Bruce Grove Youth Space

Bruce Grove Youth Space in North London is for young people aged 11-19 (up to 25 where there is a specific additional need or disability). They offer a wide range of informal learning opportunities to enable young people to feel safe, to develop as individuals, and to participate as valued members of the community. Key programmes and activities to promote wellbeing and empowerment are delivered alongside partnerships to promote values and skills for young people. 

Impact at a glance

One of the biggest draws to Bruce Grove is the recording studio – where Headie One started his career – that provides a safe space for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to write and produce music, create beats and learn how to sell and publicise music. Sony Music UK’s Social Justice Fund subsidised new equipment and the existing music programme, enhancing and modernising the studio. 

Find out more about Bruce Grove Youth Space here.

Project completed summer 2021.