Liam Jarvis
Finance Intern

What were you doing before you joined Sony Music?

I’d been working at the travel company TUI UK for just over two years as an expenses specialist.

Where did your passion for music begin? Tell us what your first CD was, first gig you went to etc.

From the time I watched Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary concert – my mum used to put it on when I cried as a baby and I would sit there and watch that in my nappies. I’d class that as my first CD, but the first one I remember is Michael Jackson Number Ones. I was too young for Thriller or Off the Wall, but I have them on vinyl now.

What’s been the most exciting day at work so far?

I think it’s still to come as I haven’t been in the office yet, but I’d say listening to Jason Iley (CEO) was really interesting, mainly because JAY-Z was my favourite rapper growing up and Jason worked with him at Roc Nation. The BRIT Awards were also good, but I don’t think I can class that as a day at work.

What’s your favourite project you’ve been a part of so far? What part did you play?

Something I have worked on that I’ve never done before is doing the forecasts for all projects across the business and for the brand partnerships team, which is quite fun as you get to see all the upcoming projects and brand deals.

What would you say is the most valuable bit of experience you’ve gained so far?

The most valuable bit of experience I have picked up so far is being able to talk to so many different people across the company. I really value learning off others and listening to their experiences, and I feel like SME has such a variety of people so there is always something new to learn every day.

Also working in the music industry, everybody is so passionate about their work and wants to talk to you about what they do and where you can go – it really helps when your colleagues can do this for you.

Tell us a random fact about you?

I once walked through a field of buffalos, oblivious to the fact we were surrounded by them – one stampede and I wouldn’t be answering these questions.

Any music suggestions you like recently?

My current favourite artists are Morrisson, Baby Keem and H.E.R.