Virginia Beaumont
Production Intern

What were you doing before you joined Sony Music?

Serving tequila shots in a nightclub.

Where did your passion for music begin? Tell us what your first CD was, first gig you went to etc.

I used to watch MTV with my older cousins when I was a kid and always knew I wanted to do something creative relating to music. The videos in the early 2000s were so amazing, I would watch them and think ‘This is what I’m going to do when I grow up’.

My first CD was Madonna’s American Life album. I can’t remember my first gig, but my favourite one was a Lil Peep gig right before he got super famous – it was so bomb.

What’s been the most exciting day at work so far?

The first time I was on set. It was really interesting to see the end result of everything we had spent weeks organising, and I got to meet some of the people on my team for the first time after weeks of only seeing them on a screen.

What’s your favourite project you’ve been a part of so far? What part did you play?

I was involved in an artist project recently- the photographer for this shoot is quite well known and her photographs are beautiful.

The shoot was great because everyone there was so talented, from glam to the extra models that were performing. My colleagues and I spent weeks prepping this shoot, we even had items shipped in from New Jersey which almost didn’t get there in time. Seeing the mood boards that our team had worked so hard on come to life was very exciting.

I was across the whole thing, as production is always involved in every step, from booking the venue to having items shipped over, organising glam and sorting out payments.

What would you say is the most valuable bit of experience you’ve gained so far?

To be pragmatic and not panic no matter what happens.

Tell us a random fact about you?

I grew up in Tokyo.

Any music suggestions you like recently?

I’ve been listening to A Tribe Called Quest’s The Anthology album on repeat lately.