4th Floor Creative

George Ezra leads candid conversations with prolific musicians about experiences on the road, and struggles along the way.

The world of podcasts has been an extremely welcome and comforting distraction from reality. Had it not been for the introduction of podcasts into my life, my second album could well have been ready six months sooner. A lot of the shows I enjoy involve comedians’ candid accounts of their experiences in the industry they work in. To hear entertainers talk openly about the highs and the lows of performance feels like something that hasn’t really happened before and, personally, as a performer, it’s something that helps me.

I began looking for musical equivalents – honest, long form conversations between two musicians, the unquestionable highs of creating and performing, alongside honesty regarding things they’ve struggled with along the way- but nothing jumped out at me.

I sat on the idea for some time before finally plucking up the courage to do it myself. I travel to my guests wherever they may be and it’s just the two of us in the room. After the initial chat, we both loosen up and share stories and experiences from our time on the road.

What started as a labour of love and a passion project has shaped up to be one of the best and fulfilling projects I’ve ever been a part of. I hope you find it as interesting and fun to listen to, as it was to make.

Oh, and whilst you’re here, don’t forget to listen to my  album ‘Staying At Tamara’s’!

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