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Privacy Information For Younger Users

13 or older? Try our 13-17s’ version instead.

18+ or want more information? Check out the full version here.

To help keep you safe online, we want you to know your data privacy rights and how we use and
protect information about you.

Too much info? Don’t understand? That’s okay!

Speak to your parent or guardian (the person who looks after you) about staying safe online. They
can always ask us for more information by emailing [email protected] or reading the
grown-ups’ version here.


We are Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited. We’re part of a bigger group of companies called Sony
Music Entertainment.

We work with singers, musicians, and artists to bring music, videos, podcasts, live events, and other
content to fans around the world.


Our websites and artist sites are designed for teenagers aged 13+ and adults. If you’re under 13 years
old, some of the music, videos, podcasts, and other content on our sites won’t be right for you.

Even if you feel more grown up than your age, keeping you safe is our top priority, so if you’re under
13 years old please ask your parent or guardian (we’ll call them “your adult”) to check the site or
content first, and then explore it together if they say it’s okay.

And remember, whatever you’re doing online – whether you’re on websites or social media, or
messaging or gaming – if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or upset, tell your adult
straight away.


Even though we don’t collect under 13’s personal data, we still think it’s important that you know your
data privacy rights just in case you’re sharing your details on other sites or apps.

Not sure what ‘personal data’ is? It’s information about you that another person or a company can
use to identify you (like your name, email address, where you live, your birthday, or a picture of you).

If you’re under 13, no company should be collecting personal data about you unless your adult tells
them it’s okay first.

When a person chooses to receive updates (also called ‘marketing’) about something online, they
usually do that by giving their email address and ticking a box to say “yes”. That’s called giving
“consent”. But you can always change your mind. You can email the company who are sending you
emails and ask them to stop. If you’re under 13, it’s best to get your adult to do this for you. Or there
should be an “unsubscribe” link in their emails, which you or your adult can click to let the company
know you don’t want to receive updates anymore.

If you’re under 13, you can ask your adult to contact any company for an easy-to-read copy of the
personal data it holds about you. If the information is wrong, your adult can ask them to fix it. And
your adult can ask them to delete or stop using your personal data.

You and your adult also have the right to complain to your country’s data protection authority. In the
UK, that’s the Information Commissioner’s Office (or the ICO). Here’s a link:

If you want to learn more about data privacy and your rights, please talk to your adult, and have a
read together of our more detailed privacy notices here.

And here’s a link to a helpful page on the ICO’s website:


If you’re under 13 years old, we won’t knowingly collect any personal information about you. That
means we can’t identify you from the information we have.

If you’re under 13, please don’t sign up to receive marketing updates or enter one of our contests.
We’ll delete your information straight away, so you won’t receive any newsletters or be entered into
any prize draws.

We know you love music but if you want to get updates about your favourite artists please talk to your
adult first. If they agree it’s right for you, they can sign up to receive the updates instead, and you can
enjoy the content together.


This part is a bit complicated. You might want to read it with your adult to make sure you understand.
We won’t collect personal information from you, but we do use “cookies” on all our websites. A cookie
or pixel is a small text file or line of code that is ‘dropped’ on your phone, tablet, or computer
whenever you visit one of our sites. It helps us learn about who is visiting our sites and why, which
helps us build the best experience for music fans. It also means we can show older users online adverts
we think they’ll like, but only if they choose to see that type of advert.

You’ll see a cookies banner at the bottom of all our websites, with 3 different buttons. You can either
say yes (‘accept all’) or no (‘reject all’) to us collecting cookies, or click ‘Manage Cookies’ for more
information and choices. Unless you change the settings, we will only collect “Strictly Necessary
Cookies”, which we need so you can move around the website and access its content.

To keep you safe, if you’re under 18, please always speak to your adult before changing the cookies
settings on any website you visit.

If you want to know more about cookies, please talk to your adult, and have a read together of our
more detailed privacy notices here.


This privacy notice has been drafted for children to understand. We encourage parents and guardians
to read our full privacy policy here. While we do not knowingly collect personal data of children under
the age of 13, parents and guardians should supervise their children’s online activities and, where
appropriate, consider using parental control tools available from internet browsers, online services,
and software manufacturers, which help provide a child-friendly online environment. These tools can
also prevent children from disclosing online their name, address, and other personal information
without parental permission.

Some content on our and our artists’ sites is not appropriate for younger fans. We encourage parents
and guardians to explore each site and its contents first, before allowing under 18s to view it.


EMAIL: [email protected]

ADDRESS: Sony Music Privacy Office, Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited, 2 Canal Reach, London,
N1C 4DB.


We might update this policy, so check back for the latest version or if you want to remind yourself of
your data privacy rights or access more information.

Last updated: March 21st, 2024