4th Floor Creative launches MOOD Playlist generator

Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative has launched MOOD Playlist, a playlist generator that allows listeners to create Spotify playlists personalised to their taste and mood.

Whether listeners are looking for a lockdown playlist, a soundtrack to their workout routine or some tunes to relax and unwind to; with MOOD Playlist they can create a personalised playlist catered to their mood in just a few clicks.

The generator invites listeners to pinpoint a mood profile for their playlist on two sliding scales: Downbeat to Upbeat and Mellow to Energetic. It then fetches the listener’s favourite artists from their Spotify account and allows them to choose five artists or ‘taste indicators’, that will form the sonic aesthetic of their playlist.

The listener’s mood profile and taste indicators are used as the basis upon which tracks are added to the new playlist. The most listened-to tracks from the listener’s Spotify account are also analysed against their mood profile and, where relevant, inserted into the new playlist, which is then saved into their Spotify account.

The COVID-19 crisis has seen a change in the type of music listeners are gravitating towards. Since the start of the pandemic more than a third of listeners in the UK and Spain – and almost half in the US and Brazil – have sought out music that makes them feel more positive*. MOOD Playlist eases this discovery process, not only by finding happy songs, but by taking each listener’s unique taste into account to find the right happy songs.

“Listeners are often forced to choose between a playlist that matches their mood, or a playlist that matches their taste,” said Lewis Donovan, Lead Web Developer. “MOOD Playlist creates personalised playlists based on both, helping people discover a whole world of new music.”

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*per Midia Research

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