Shaiyann Fairweather
A&R Intern
Since '93

What were you doing before you joined Sony Music?

I was working in marketing within the music industry. I was freelancing and working with various clients and brands, creating marketing campaigns and strategies. I also hosted live events and radio along the way.

During lockdown, I had to re-strategise as a lot of my work couldn’t take place – this meant a few of my services had to be re-purposed for the uncertain times we were facing. In the midst of doing that, the Sony Music opportunity popped up – I went for it and here I am. 

Where did your passion for music begin? Tell us what your first CD was, first gig you went to etc. 

I’ve been passionate about music for my entire life – from being involved in singing, dancing and acting from the age of five, to attempting to learn the guitar (but giving up after realising I’d have to sacrifice my fingertips). I also come from a very musical family who live, breathe and work in music.

My first CD (I think) was Blue Cantrell ft. Sean Paul – ‘Breathe’. I remember bringing it into school to practice a street dance routine I was teaching to other students. That was probably my first official CD, but I had access to tapes and CDs belonging to my Mum long before then.

The first gig I went to was Chris Brown at the O2 when I was 12 – my Mum surprised me and a friend with tickets. We both cried when he sang ‘Say Goodbye’ (the concert wasn’t even finishing yet!). 

What’s been the most exciting day at work so far?

My most exciting days so far have been the most spontaneous ones where random things pop up, like potential signings for example. Watching everything come together swiftly is an exciting feeling.

I‘ve been lucky enough to be thrown into pitches quite early in and I’ve enjoyed seeing the team get to work and being a real part of it.

What’s your favourite project you’ve been a part of so far? What part did you play?

I’m currently putting together a remix for a song that went viral on TikTok. I’m excited to see how it turns out and it’s my first real crack at seeing my vision come to life. I feel like DJ Khaled waiting for the vocals to come in! 

What would you say is the most valuable bit of experience you’ve gained so far?

The most valuable bit of experience I’ve gained so far is to believe in your ability and your suggestions. In doing so, you truly start to see that no question, idea nor suggestion is ‘stupid’ or not good enough. There’s room for everyone and you’ve been chosen for a reason.

Tell us a random fact about you?

I have a phobia of ketchup. Weird, I know.

Any music suggestions you like recently?

Some artists I am currently loving are Cat Burns, Tyla and TSB who is an artist producer!