Depaul launch Unheard charity campaign with Tom Grennan

An innovative campaign by youth homelessness charity Depaul UK, in conjunction with Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative, is using Spotify playlists to tell the unheard stories of young people who have experienced homelessness.

‘DEPAUL UNHEARD: Playlists Against Homelessness’ aims to reach the 16-to-25 age group with which Depaul UK works and reframe how they see homelessness.

With the support of Spotify playlists, the stories of George, 20, Kristina, 20, Fatos, 25, J. Cocoa, 19, and Emma, 21, are told using the titles of songs in a personal way. As users read the song titles, the playlist reveals that young person’s experience of homelessness.

A final “track” allows the listener to hear directly from the individual, giving a unique insight into their previously unheard story.

The diverse playlists break down stereotypes of people who experience homelessness by sharing personal accounts of the varied circumstances which can lead to someone not having a home.

Tom Grennan, who achieved a Top Five album in the UK charts this year with his debut hit Lighting Matches, recently completed a sold-out UK and European tour, including Brixton Academy. He is flying back from the Russian leg of his current tour to play at the launch event.

Tom said, “I’m proud to be performing to support the Depaul Unheard campaign. Listening to these moving stories, told through Spotify, will change your understanding of youth homelessness.”    

Mike Thiedke, Depaul UK’s CEO, said, “every experience of homelessness is unique, and the diversity of playlists demonstrates this. Through Spotify, we hope to break through the noise and reach listeners directly so that they can understand what people like George and Fatos have experienced.

“We’re very grateful for the support we have received from Spotify, Facebook, Tom Grennan and Sony Music. And our partner Publicis London’s creativity and enthusiasm have made this project a reality. Working with such exciting companies ensures we are able to amplify our voice and raise awareness of this important issue.”

Listen to the playlists here

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