Experience Tom Grennan VR on Playstation

Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative in collaboration with PlayStation Worldwide Studios, have announced a brand new PS VR experience, designed to give fans a front row seat at two very special performances from Insanity Records artist Tom Grennan.

Tom Grennan VR uses pioneering new technology called Dynamic Eye Contact during performances of two of the biggest tracks from his recently released, UK Top 5 debut album Lighting Matches – ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ and ‘Royal Highness’.

The Dynamic Eye Contact technology creates an experience where fans are completely immersed with Tom and his band, as they perform at London’s Metropolis Studios. PlayStation VR’s positional tracking allows the images and audio to respond to changes in head position, something not possible in a conventional 360° video. With PS VR, it alters people’s viewpoint as though in real life – being able to follow and react to even the smallest movement Tom makes greatly enhances the sense of presence.

Tom recently treated a few fans to an exclusive preview event, where Tom surprised attendees with a real life appearance.

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