Nadia Rose announces collaboration with Barclaycard

British artist Nadia Rose has collaborated with Barclaycard on a film to inspire people to start today on the things that matter most to them.

With first-hand experience of what it means to push yourself towards your dream, the 25-year-old musician is the perfect fit to inspire a new generation to move forwards.

The latest installment of Start Today encourages people to go out and turn their dreams into reality, following in Nadia’s own footsteps.

The challenges Nadia faced along the way has made her determined to encourage all those who dream of starting something one day, to take action and make it happen.

The collaboration, which debuted over the weekend across TV, cinema and social media, was brought together by Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative Partnerships team.

Alex Naylor, UK Marketing Director at Barclaycard said, “Start Today is all about helping more people realise their passions and not put off what they could be doing today. Nadia’s story struck us as the most authentic example of this and the video captures Nadia inspiring young people around the country to take action and make their aspirations a reality. The new campaign chimes with Barclaycard’s brand promise to help more people move forwards every day.”

Watch the video for ‘Start Today | Make It Happen’ below.

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