Sony Music Group signs Music Climate Pact

Sony Music Group has signed a wide-ranging commitment to ‘decarbonise’ the global music business in alignment with the latest climate science, together with several leading companies. This Pact builds on our existing global environmental ambitions, including Sony’s Road to Zero which strives to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2050. 

The Pact is developed with support from the UN Environmental Programme and marks a step in aligning the global music business, and the measures already taken by individual companies, around a coherent and industry-co-ordinated strategy.

“Sony Music Group is delighted to join the Music Climate Pact and is committed to playing its part in tackling the climate crisis,” said Sony Music Group Executive Vice President for Philanthropy and Social Impact, Towalame Austin. “As a division of Sony Group, we are working towards achieving a zero environmental footprint by 2050 under the ‘Road to Zero’ long-term environmental plan and both expanding renewable energy use and reducing environmental impact in supply chains as part of Sony Group’s Green Management 2025 targets.”

The climate pact was initiated by the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) in collaboration with UK record labels association the BPI.

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