Sony Music launches ‘Hand Wash Tunes’ Skill for Amazon Alexa

Sony Music has launched a ‘Hand Wash Tunes’ Skill for Amazon Alexa. Featuring custom musical timers, the Skill brings some fun and entertainment to the hygiene practices that have become a habitual part of daily life – while ensuring users wash their hands for the recommended twenty seconds.

The Alexa Skill features a rotation of audio clips recorded for the project by a range of international artists including Scouting For Girls, The Rainbow Collections, Dodie, Ant Saunders, Audrey Mika, Au/Ra, D. Muñoz, Gashi, JP Saxe, Quinn XCII, Robinson, SAYGRACE, and more.

“It’s great to be able to do something, however little, to help people, so we were delighted to work with Sony Music on a hand washing skill,” said Roy Stride of Scouting for Girls. “We hope ‘She’s So Lovely’ can entertain people during these times.”

“Parents are doing an incredible job in these tricky times, also doubling as teachers,” commented Sophie Barker from The Rainbow Collections. “We love to help educate and entertain with our songs, so it was great fun to rework [a] classic rhyme that families will know into something they can sing along to while washing their hands.”

Users in the US and UK can enable the ‘Hand Wash Tunes’ Skill in the Amazon Alexa Skill store, or by saying “Alexa, open Hand Wash Tunes” to their Alexa device.

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