Sony Music UK introduces new policies for equal parental leave, pregnancy loss, domestic abuse and menopause

Sony Music UK has introduced a series of new policies for staff, representing small but important steps to creating a more equitable company culture.

From September, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or how someone becomes a parent, all employees will be eligible to receive the same time off and pay in the first year of their child’s birth – up to 52 weeks. We believe that offering equal leave for all parents will lead to better career development for all genders and greater work-life balance when it comes to parental responsibility.

Sony Music is also committed to supporting all employees who suffer the loss of a pregnancy, regardless of the nature of their loss: whether it happens to them directly, to their partner or their baby’s surrogate mother. Any employee who experiences this will be entitled to take three weeks of paid leave, alongside access to other support measures.

During the pandemic cases of domestic abuse increased and routes to safety were reduced. We recognise that some employees might be affected and want to create a culture where our staff feel comfortable raising difficult issues. In collaboration with the charity Women’s Aid, we have trained a number of our HR team and other employees to understand how domestic abuse may present itself in the workplace and how to offer support.

Finally, we would like to ensure that any Sony Music UK employees who may be suffering from menopausal symptoms feel empowered to request adjustments that could help improve their experiences at work. By creating transparency and encouraging more dialogue about the menopause, we hope that people will feel more confident to ask for the help they need.

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