Sony Music UK introduces Premium Days for all staff members

Sony Music UK has today introduced Premium Days for all staff. Employees are encouraged to take two Premium Days, in addition to annual leave, to pursue personal development. Sony Music UK strongly encourages all staff members to use this benefit to learn in areas not related to their core roles. 

Following passions helps promote a healthy work-life balance, as does rest and recovery. It’s important to take the appropriate amount of time for rest and recovery which is covered by our Holiday Policy. 

Recommended examples of activities for employees are: 

– To attend external training courses linked to a specific area of personal interest e.g. language courses, yoga courses, a qualification outside of the daily remit

– To attend conferences linked to a specific area of personal interest

– To learn or practice new skills through self-directed learning e.g. meditation, practicing code via online tutorials

– To undertake coaching or mentoring not organised by the Company, serving as a coach/mentor to others or receiving coaching / mentoring support 

– To use as study days for a professional exam, in addition to those outlined in the Study Policy, or for a personal interest exam

– To participate in charity or volunteer work 

Premium Days will commence from July 1st 2018 for all Sony Music UK employees.

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