The Partnerships Team

At Sony Music UK, we have unique expertise in harnessing the power and reach of our music to create credible, effective partnerships with brands and media, benefitting both artist and partner.

Our starting point is the rigorous and sophisticated fan insight conducted by our dedicated team of Insight & Planning professionals. By understanding the fans’ passions, habits and behaviours we are able to reach and entertain them in innovative and uniquely creative ways, both through our own artist campaigns and through our work with media and brand partners.

The Partnerships team collaborates closely with brands and their agencies as well as the creative teams at Sony Music and elsewhere in the Sony family to develop and deliver a range of creative marketing solutions.  From product placement to a variety of specially produced content, the Partnerships team brings brands and artists together to the most dynamic and entertaining effect.

To learn more about the Partnerships Team and the range of exciting opportunities it offers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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