Tokio Myers releases video for ‘No More Gang Wars (Together)’

Tokio Myers has released a powerful video for ‘No More Gang Wars (Together)’, the lead track from his BLACK DAWN EP.

Created by Sam Friend, the video features past and present footage from demonstrations spanning the last 60 years including the recent Black Lives Matter events around the UK.

The three-track BLACK DAWN EP was released on 12th June, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for unity and equality. It features Black artists speaking about their experiences and everyday struggles in the hope of sparking powerful, honest and uncomfortable conversations.

Tokio said, “As I watch history repeat itself – as I stare into the eyes of people that were here before me fighting the same damn cause all those years ago – as I watch men and women stand side by side fighting for something as simple as… EQUALITY. I have to remember… revolution takes time. Empires don’t last – change is inevitable.”

Speaking about creating the video, Sam added, “These protests were an incredibly moving experience to be a part of, the energy and atmosphere were like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. Being able to partner up with Tokio once more on a project where we can document such a strong and powerful subject matter, has been a true pleasure throughout. This is history in the making, our generation WILL create change and equality for all.”

All record company profits in the UK made through streaming and downloads of the two new tracks on the BLACK DAWN EP – ‘Rise Up’ and ‘No More Gang Wars (Together)’ – will be donated directly to The Reach Out Project. Tokio will also forgo any record royalties due to him in connection with these two tracks.

Watch the video for ‘No More Gang Wars (Together)’ below.

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