Tom Odell releases third album ‘Jubilee Road’

Tom Odell released his long-awaited third studio album Jubilee Road today. 

Although the title of the new album may be fictional in itself, Jubilee Road may well be Odell’s most honest and personal outing so far. The album intertwines real-life stories of the time Tom spent living in a house in East London with fictional characters, all to preserve his neighbours’ privacy. Tom also took full control of this album, not only writing, singing, and displaying his vibrant piano style on all ten songs, but also self-producing them.

Speaking about the album, Tom said, “I wrote this album in a house on a quiet terraced street in East London. The lyrics are inspired by the lives of the friends I made whilst living there. I recorded most of the songs in the living room of the house and if I listen back closely, I can still hear the sound of the old man’s television shows coming through the walls from next door, the kids from the house opposite playing football in the street below and the sound of my girlfriend’s footsteps on the wooden floorboards above. I don’t live there anymore, my life has changed somewhat, but I will always remember the time fondly and I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I did making it”.

Tom’s UK and European tour is in full swing at the moment with dates until the end of November. Tickets can be found here.

Watch the video for the latest single ‘Half as Good as You’ feat. Alice Merton below.   

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