First Aid Kit release video for ‘Rebel Heart’

Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit, have today released the video for ‘Rebel Heart’. Directed by Mats Udd, the eerie visual depicts the band as the ringleaders of an entranced group of women. 

The band said of the video, “once again, we collaborated with our dearest friend and director Mats Udd. We wanted to create a dreamy and mysterious world. It’s an homage to old 70s horror films and the aesthetics of that era. ‘Rebel Heart’ was written in the desert after a night of experimenting with an Oujia Board and other occult themed board games. We thought the video should reflect that. It’s a song about identity and femininity. It’s about the destroyer we all have inside of us, that dark force that wants to take over. We wanted to only feature women in the video – the red moon represents a sense of sisterhood.”

Speaking about the EP, Klara and Johanna reflect, “when we went into the studio to record Ruins, we had a lot of material. Ten songs ended up on the album, but these four were left behind. Thematically they didn’t fit on a break up record. However, these songs are very precious to us. It was important to make a home for them, physically and online, so here we are. We hope you enjoy these tender offerings.”

The Söderberg sisters will release Tender Offerings on September 14th via Columbia Records. The 4-track EP features songs that were recorded during the Ruins album sessions and will be available both digitally and physically as a limited 10”. 

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